Help Your Tenants Make Themselves At Home

Help Your Tenants Make Themselves At Home

Moving is always a stressful time, and that’s true no matter how much a family looks forward to living in their new place.  There’s all the boxes to move, all the furniture that dings the walls and sticks in doorways, and all the people you need to contact to let them know you live somewhere else now.  It’s enough to make you wonder why you’re even moving at all, which is why it’s a nice gesture for a property manager to offer some things they might need or enjoy.  Letting your new tenants know they’re welcome in San Francisco is a great way to start your relationship.

Collect The Information Tenants Need

This is something that all property managers should regardless of the type of property or the type of tenant.  By gathering together all the information your San Francisco tenant should know, you do them a favor while also making it more likely that they’ll follow the instructions you give without needing extra reminders and warnings.  This information should include:

  • Payment information. If you have a drop box for checks, let your tenants know where it is.  If you accept online payments, give them the website name and instructions on how to set up a rent payment.
  • Regular and emergency contact information for the property staff and maintenance. If something goes wrong, your tenants should have phone numbers ready to let your staff know what’s going on and how serious it is.
  • Parking permits and other information. If your property has private parking, your tenants will need permits, and if it doesn’t they should know about any local laws or special zones that affect local street parking.
  • Utility information. Let your tenants know when to set out the trash, who to pay for utilities if it’s not part of the rent, and so on.

Offer Some Courtesy Gifts

With everything packed away in boxes, bags, and other containers, tenants don’t always have their necessities ready to go at their new location.  If you provide the basics yourself, your tenants will be grateful and your relationship will be off to a great start.

  • Put a toilet paper roll in the bathroom for them.
  • Make sure the shower has a curtain ready.
  • If you have a laundromat, set them up with some money or the card they’ll need to use the machines so they can start their first few loads right away.

Add A Housewarming Gift

While the following ideas aren’t as useful as the ones above, they still show your new tenants that you care.

  • Coloring books and other activities for the tenants’ kids (keeping in mind their age and number).
  • Treats or a toy for any pets they bring along.
  • Gift cards for local restaurants or specialty goods from local stores.

With the stress that comes from moving, new tenants are always grateful for useful gifts and information.   At J.S. Signature Properties, we can help rental property owners find new tenants in San Francisco, but it’s up to you to make them feel welcome and want to stay.  Contact us directly if you want to know more about what we do.

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